Perkie's Observations: Is Morgan Bipolar on General Hospital

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Carly convinces Sonny that Morgan needs to be checked out. Michael drops by and mentions the clinic is a go. Carly tells him the wedding date, but Michael's busy that day. He says he won't be attending.

At the courthouse, Ric calls Morgan to the stand. Morgan testifies that Franco threatened him with a knife, the same day Silas was killed. Franco gets upset when Morgan lies about the reason for the threat.

Julian is shocked to find out that Denise is really Ava. She explains all and tells him that she needs the recording to disappear and wants his help. Ava says with the recording gone, she can resume her identity and help Julian rise from the ashes.

Molly's concerned when TJ shows his love for all things Corinthos. TJ tells her that he'd rather continue staying at Sonny's rather than move back into the dorms. Molly warns him that bad things happen around Sonny. Sonny arrives, overhearing Molly.

Madeline pays Nina a visit to get her to sign some legal papers but Nina tells her that she'll need to read them first.

Carly tells Michael her suspicions that Morgan is bipolar. Michael mentions seeing Morgan distracted the night that Silas was killed.

Scott serves Denise with a subpoena and calls her to the stand.