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Perkie's Observations: Carly and Madeline Bond on General Hospital

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Ava's not thrilled when she's called to the stand and threatens Franco with the picture of Nina. On the stand, Scott asks her about her call to Silas. Ava denies seeing Silas on the day he was murdered.

Nina shows Nathan the papers Madeline wanted her to sign. Nathan warns her not to sign them. Nina lets it slip that she knows who took Avery. After much prodding she tells Nathan that it was Silas. Nina refuses to tell him why.

Michael tells Sabrina about the wedding date, but that he won't attend. Michael refuses to forgive Sonny for killing AJ, despite Sabrina's pushing. The two discuss Morgan possibly being bipolar.

Carly runs into Madeline and the two bond. Madeline talks of her frustrations with Nina. Carly explains that there may be something wrong with Morgan.

Olivia pays Sonny a visit and is thrilled to see Avery. Talk turns to baby Leo. Olivia questions whether Julian is telling the truth, something Sonny doesn't believe.

Julian questions whether Denise was involved with Silas' murder, but doesn't tell Alexis that Denise is Ava.

Scotty brings up the DNA test that Denise took when she first came to town. Scotty says the test shows Denise is really Ava.