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Perkie's Observations: Franco Takes Blame For Silas Murder on General Hospital

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Franco gets on the stand and insists he killed Silas and wants them to leave Nina alone. Ric suggests holding everyone who's a suspect until the truth can be determined.

Ava and Nina are brought into the station and proceed to blame each other for Silas' death.

Sonny tells Carly that Ava is alive and is determined to make her pay for killing Connie. AJ roles over in his grave at the hypocrisy. Carly realizes Morgan will be furious at Ava's betrayal and worries what he'll do.

Kiki wants to see Ava and wonders why Morgan is so angry with her mother. Morgan tells her that Ava betrayed him as well and can't see her.

Valerie tells Dante that she moved out of Wyndemere and is looking for a place of her own. Dante is shocked to see that Ava is alive and well. Valerie offers her support.

Dillon jokes to Lulu that Valerie's pregnant. Lulu apologizes again for pushing Dillon too hard. The two read his script, until Dante arrives to let Lulu know that Ava is alive.

Paul tells Tracy that he gave Dillon the money for his movie. Paul wants the two of them to lean on each other. Tracy assumes that he means, in bed. Paul denies that, saying he wants them to be friends, for Dillon's sake.

At the station, Kiki asks if Ava killed Silas. Ava swears she didn't because she wouldn't do that to Kiki. Kiki believes her then mentions how upset Morgan is with Ava's lies.

Franco and Nina end up in the same cell block. Nina wonders why Franco confessed.

Morgan updates his parents that Nina is the new suspect. Sonny and Carly promise to help him through this.