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Wishful Casting: Chris McKenna as Days of Our Lives' Andrew Donovan

Chris McKenna

Chris McKenna

CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless just wasted the biggest, most strapping hunk of soap operatic beefcake to come from the butcher shop in a long, long time. This week, Y&R revealed Detective Harding (Chris McKenna) was a serial killer and promptly killed him off.

McKenna's Genoa City exit means another daytime sudser can benefit from his Grade A prime ribs, not to mention those (acting) chops! My vote is Y&R's Sony sibling Days of Our Lives. McKenna should come on as Andrew Donovan, son of Shane (Charles Shaughnessy) and Kim (Patsy Pease).

Two Donovan offspring currently reside in Salem U.S.A., Andrew's big sister Eve (played by McKenna's fellow One Life to Live alum Kassie DePaiva) and kid sister Theresa (Jen Lilley). Bringing back Andrew would make the unholy Donovan trinity complete!

DAYS is in a rebuilding stage for its 50th Anniversary. The soap is once again focusing on core characters with long historical connections. Long-term fans will recall Andrew Donovan's paternity was in question at the time of his birth. Kim had an illicit affair with Greek mobster Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) back in the 80's. 

Theresa Donovan sharing a baby with Victor's grandson Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) gives the soap the perfect platform to explore the dicey history between the Bradys, Donovans and clan Kiriakis.  DAYS touched on Kim and Victor's stormy past briefly the last time Pease guest-starred; why not go there with a full-on arc revisiting Andrew's paternity? 

DNA tests weren't the norm back in 1986 when Andrew was born. What if there was a mistake with the original paternity test, once again resulting in a "Who's The Daddy" sitch for Kim? 

Of course, being a Shane and Kim stan, I'd want Andrew to remain Shane's kid in the end. However, the story that gets us to that point could provide multi-generational intrigue for months. Not only did Victor Kiriakis sleep with Andrew's mom, he banged Grandma Caroline (Peggy McKay) and sired Bo (Peter Reckell)! 

I'd love to see Andrew get involved with Eve and Theresa's sworn enemy, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves). It would drive the Donovan sisters crazy knowing their brother was licking the glaze off Jennifer Rose's Horton donut! 

Maybe Andrew worked closely with the late Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) in Afghanistan? Jennifer's husband was in the war-torn country investigating the opium trade. Perhaps Andrew, having followed his father's footsteps into the ISA, teamed up with Jack to expose the nefarious goings-on? 

What if their investigation led straight back to Salem and Victor's doorstep? Andrew could show up in Salem with Jack's original notes tying the Afghanistan opium trade to Titan Publishing.

Jennifer wouldn't want to believe her Aunt Maggie's (Suzanne Rogers) husband of being capable of running an international opium ring, and using his publishing dynasty as a front. Andrew would quickly remind Jennifer she and Jack once worked to expose Victor's various corrupt dealings as journalists for The Salem Spectator.  

Jen would accuse Andrew of only wanting to go after Victor because of the unsavory history between the Donovans and the mogul. She'd agree to help with the investigation (going undercover as an employee at Titan), if only to prove Victor is innocent. Throw in tabloid reporter Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) and photojournalist Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) and we'd have ourselves quiet the sexy, adventurous quartet!

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