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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Confronts Ava on General Hospital

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Madeline's angry with Ric for having Nina arrested. Ric, however, feels this is a great way to get rid of Nina and take her money. Madeline tells him that she wasn't able to get Nina to sign the papers and Nathan now has them. Madeline wants Ric to get the papers from Nathan.

Nathan and Dante work the case. Nathan swears Nina is innocent. Dante finds the apartment log that shows Silas checked in to see Denise, but that Morgan did also. Nathan wonders if Morgan was cheating on Kiki with Denise or if he knew she was really Ava.

Franco and Nina have a bonding lovefest behind bars. Franco has Nina realize that Ric was behind all the crazy baby cries and cribs. Nina understands that she's not crazy and is certain that Nathan will figure out who killed Silas.

Kiki understands Ava did what she did to protect her and doesn't understand why Morgan is so angry. Morgan believes Ava is capable of killing Silas. Kiki believes her mother didn't do it.

Morgan wants them to go away and start a new life together. He promises he can make her happy.

Alexis is surprised when Julian admits that he knew Denise was Ava but he swears he only knew briefly and felt he needed to protect her. Alexis tells him that she can't represent Ava because Nina is her client. She hopes Ava pays for killing Connie.

Sonny pays Ava a visit and accuses her of killing Silas like she killed Connie two years ago. Sonny taunts her that Avery will grow up never knowing her and that Carly is her mother now.

Sonny's angry about Ava's involvement with Morgan. Ava taunts him that Morgan loves her and it wasn't hard to seduce him. Sonny threatens to tell Kiki, which upsets Ava, but Sonny says he wouldn't hurt Morgan.

Ava claims she'll get out of her current situation, despite Sonny's assurance that she won't, thanks to the recording.

Julian plans to get into Ric's office to get the recording.

Morgan pays Ava a visit in the holding cell.

Nathan declares that he knows who the killer is.