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Perkie's Observations: Madeline Did it on General Hospital

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Nathan and Dante explain to Jordan how they noticed Silas' signature was not the same on the legal paper as on apartment log and realized Madeline had forged it.

Ric wonders how Madeline got Silas to sign the legal document. Madeline explains she asked Silas to sign the papers and he refused. Ric accuses Madeline of killing Silas. She says Silas told her that he was the one that kidnapped Avery. Madeline tells Ric that she held that over Silas' head.

Morgan tries to console Kiki, but she tells him that she knows he was cheating on her with Ava. Morgan denies it at first, but gets caught in the lie. Morgan begs her to stay with him, but Kiki throws him out.

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Maxie auditions for Dillon and he loves it. However, Lulu's not so certain they should all be working together.

TJ tells Sonny and Carly that Ric was arrested for Silas' murder. Sonny heads down to the station to demand answers from Jordan. She tells him Ric's helping the investigation.

Ric pushes Madeline until she admits that she killed Silas and then forged his signature on the document. Ric shows her the wire that he's wearing.

Nathan and Dante arrive in time to arrest Madeline.