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Perkie's Observations: Kiki Confronts Ava on General Hospital

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Morgan tells Michael that he and Kiki are finished because he slept with Ava. Morgan claims he had no control and was acting irrationally. Morgan explains that his parents feel that he's bipolar. Michael agrees that he should see a doctor.

Morgan doesn't want to attend the wedding. Michael admits that he isn't going because it would be dishonoring AJ. Morgan pleads that the family needs Michael to forgive Sonny.

Franco tells Nina that they are both being set free because Madeline killed Silas. Nina's upset at the evil that is her mother.

Sonny updates Carly on Silas' killer. Carly tells him that she confided in Michael about the problems with Morgan.

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Nathan's angry with Madeline for what she did. He proudly tells her that she'll remember that he's the one that put her in prison.

Alexis tells Julian that she's briefly heading out of town to deal with an issue with Kristina. Alexis offers to call Diane to help Ava.

Kiki accuses Ava of sleeping with Morgan. Ava swears she tried to stop herself, but was too weak to fight her feelings. Ava claims she broke things off with Morgan and told him to be with Kiki.

Kiki blames Ava for Sonny not letting her in Avery's life and says she's happy that Ava will spend her life in prison with nothing.

Madeline runs into Nina and blames Ric for everything. Nina screams at her that money was the only thing that mattered to Madeline.

Franco tries to console Nina once her mother leaves. He promises that no one will hurt her like that again and that they'll be together.