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Perkie's Observations: Anna Returns to Port Charles on General Hospital

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Emma's thrilled when Anna returns from Scotland. Anna tells Patrick she tried to see Robin in Paris, but turns out she's in China. Anna's happy to see Patrick move on with Sam.

Michael remembers the night that he stopped Sonny from killing AJ. He tells Sabrina that he can't go to the wedding and pretend everything is ok. She tells him to go for Carly. Michael decides he should go for Morgan's sake.

Morgan shows up at his father's, drunk off his butt. He tells Sonny about his break up with Kiki. He blames his father for passing on the crazy, loser gene.

Morgan complains like a baby, that everything is easy for Michael. He forgets his older brother was shot in the head, in a coma for a year, killed his step-mother and was raped in prison. Other than that, Michael's had it easy.

Sonny commiserates with Morgan's pain and promises to stand by him and be there for him. Sonny tells Morgan to get ready for the wedding and they'll go to the doctor in the morning.

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Jason pays Carly a visit. She tells him all about Morgan's issues and everything that happened when Sonny was diagnosed.

Spencer returns and I remember why I didn't miss when he wasn't on. He wants Nikolas and Hayden to be a thing, despite Nik's claims that Hayden is only a houseguest. Nik decides to play hooky and spend the day with Hayden. Hayden has a memory of a passionate kiss with Nikolas.

Anna mentions to Sam that she left the bureau. Sam tells her that she may need help with her case against Nikolas. Anna tells her about Nik's hand in the election rigging and that Sloan can corroborate the story.

Sam updates Jake.

Carly is thrilled when Michael shows up at her door.

Someone grabs TJ as he's leaving Kelly's.