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Perkie's Observations: Sam and Jake Question Hayden on General Hospital

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Carly is thrilled that Michael will be attending the wedding. Michael says he's not doing it for Sonny because he can't forgive him. Michael explains about his run in with Morgan. He says he's there for his brother and for Carly.

Ric stops by to tell Sonny that he released Charlie, the hijacker, who promises to testify against Julian. Ric promises a conviction.

Charlie has TJ in a warehouse and claims he works for Julian. TJ points out that he's the commissioner's son, but Charlie isn't worried.

Dante's concerned that Charlie was released and Jordan worries that TJ will be a target. Dante promises Sonny won't let anything happen to TJ.

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Anna runs into Sloan and asks for his help in getting Nikolas to give ELQ back to Michael. Sloan doesn't want to expose himself and wonders why Anna cares. Anna promises to get him immunity and says she needs to feel like she's still capable of doing the right thing.

Hayden tells Nikolas about the memory and questions whether she knew Jake's identity. Sam and Jake arrive and question Hayden, who admits to the memory.

Nik claims he doesn't know who Jake really is and assumes Helena is the only other person who knows the truth. Sam tells Nik that she knows he rigged the election and that Sloan will testify to it. Nik is not happy to see Sloan arrive.

Charlie gets TJ to call Sonny and let him know that he was grabbed and where. Sonny leaves to help TJ. Dante and Michael arrive for the wedding and wonder where their father is.