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Perkie's Observations: Who Shot Sonny on General Hospital?

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Carly is surrounded by the Spencer women and Maxie. They ladies give her with gifts for her wedding day. As Maxie and Bobbie help Carly get dressed Lulu tries burying the hatchet with Valerie.

Anna asks Jordan for immunity for Sloane and explains the situation with Nikolas. Jordan questions how close Anna and Sloane got. Anna admits their fling but says they're over now.

Sam and Jake accuse Nikolas of tampering with the ballet box. He denies it. Sam presents Sloane, who also denies any knowledge of Nik fixing the election.

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Michael, Morgan and Dante wonder what happened to Sonny. Morgan tells Michael about his conversation with Sonny and how he'll be seeing a shrink soon enough.

Sonny treats Charlie like someone who isn't holding a loaded gun on him. Charlie, apparently, isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, otherwise he would have shot Sonny just to shut him up. I know I wanted to.

Olivia runs into Julian and the two go a couple of rounds about being lying liars who lie. Julian claims he's out the business. Olivia claims their baby is resting in peace.

Sonny eventually gets the best of Charlie and grabs the gun, ordering the flunkie to untie poor TJ.

Someone from the shadows shoots Sonny. I don't believe that it's Julian and the rumors that it's Ric better be a big fat lie.