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Ray Wise Returns to The Young and the Restless

Ray Wise

The Newman ranch better beef up their security. The Young and the Restless is bringing back Ray Wise to reprise his role as super slimeball cult leader Ian Ward. 

By now, Y&R viewers are aware Ian is behind the Paragon Project which was designed to destroy the great Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Just what exactly does Ian and Adam (Justin Hartley) have planned? TV Insider's Michael Logan got the dish straight from Wise. According to Wise:

He’s the ultimate confidence man. He can do anything. And he wants revenge. He’s been slapped or punched by pretty much everybody in Genoa City. He can’t move on with his life because he still has scores to settle. He and Adam will really have the whole town in turmoil. It will be major…monumental! The viewers are going to be quite surprised by the scope of the havoc Ian and Adam will raise.

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How in the devil did Ian get out of jail you may be asking? 

Wise revealed:

There is an explanation coming. You’ll know exactly how it happened, and it’s all perfectly laid out and legitimate. But what horrible things did he do, really? Okay, so drugging and kidnapping Mariah and trying to marry her was not a nice thing. But he didn’t actually harm her in any substantial way. [Laughs] And he did get her a nice wedding dress. Why should he be in jail?

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