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Perkie's Observations: Will Sonny Survive on General Hospital?

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Sonny is shot. Charlie wants to finish him off despite his minions warning him against it. Jake runs in, and takes out all three guys with a minion's gun. Sam arrives in time and calls 911 while Jake keeps pressure on Sonny's wound.

Carly and the ladies arrive at Sonny's, unaware that Sonny is MIA. Michael and Sabrina gush over Avery. Lulu does as well, telling Dante that she wants another baby. Valerie decides she's not feeling well, so Bobbie takes her home.

Sloane tells Anna that he's not going against Nikolas because he's working for him. Anna tells him that she had changed her mind and would have been with him. Anna tells him that Jordan knows the truth and there won't be an immunity agreement for Sloan. Sloane warns that she'll go down for killing Carlos.

Hayden insists that Nikolas knows Jake's identity, but he continues to deny it. He tries to distract her with intimacy, but Hayden reminds him of their no sex policy. The two get closer after a swim.

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Carly checks in on Morgan who tells her that he agreed to see a doctor, but is worried about it. Carly reassures him.

Maxie tells Carly that Sonny isn't there. Carly is certain that Sonny is planning a surprise for her and isn't worried.

Medics get to the warehouse to take Sonny to the hospital. Sonny grabs Jake's shirt with his bloody hands and says to tell Carly he loves her.

Carly is thrilled to have her family around her for her wedding to Sonny. She feels that this time is different and that it will last forever.

Jake and his bloody shirt arrive. Really dude, you couldn't have used the phone to soften the blow a little.