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Perkie's Observations: Morgan Vows to Avenge Sonny on General Hospital

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Bryan Craig, William deVry

Morgan promises Sonny  he'll make things right. He's going to kill Julian to keep his father safe.

Michael finds Sonny's wedding vows and gives them to Carly. Carly goes to the chapel to decide if she should read the vows. She eventually does. Carly has flashbacks of her years with Sonny.

Patrick updates Dante on Sonny's condition. Sam asks for information. She's upset to hear  Julian was in the vicinity at the time of the shooting. Sam figures Julian is safer in custody.

Liz tells Jake she's done something that will destroy them. Before she has a chance to tell the truth, little Jake shows up. He's upset about a dream that big Jake would leave them. 

Jason promises he won't be going anywhere. Later, Jason asks what Liz's secret is. She says she's done something terrible to Sam.

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Franco and Nina confront Ric about the gas-lighting . They show they have proof that can put him in prison. 

Ric begs for his freedom. Nina offers it in exchange for his signature on annulment papers. Ric is upset over losing his shot at Nina's money but signs the papers. Franco and Nina celebrate their freedom.

Maxie updates Nathan on what happened at the wedding. He tells her about Nina being free and choosing to be with Franco.

Patrick doesn't understand how Jake managed to disarm and kill three men and not be affected by it. Sam points out Jason was the same way. She's glad it happened, otherwise Sonny and TJ would be dead.

Morgan tells Michael that Julian will pay. Michael tells him to concentrate on Sonny. Michael thinks Morgan should still see the shrink.

Dante sits and talks to Sonny. He's upset his father didn't trust him to help TJ. Dante is angry  Sonny is still a target, despite his claims that he loves his children. Dante feels Sonny chooses the mob and makes excuses for not leaving it.

Dante blames Sonny for the shooting. Sonny's monitors go off. Michael runs to get Carly.