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Perkie's Observations: Jake Wants to Know Liz's Secret on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Billy Miller

Rebecca Herbst, Billy Miller

Patrick resuscitates Sonny. He tells the family the bullet has shifted closer to Sonny's heart. Sonny will need surgery despite his weakness.

Michael tells Dante he doesn't want the focus to solely be on Julian. Someone else could have taken Sonny out. Michael says he's realized Sonny is his father. Dante admits he has trouble getting past his anger for Sonny.

Sam finds Ric with Danny. The two put their differences aside for a few minutes so Sam can update him on Sonny's condition. Sam tells him what Jake did to save Sonny. Ric points out it's what Jason would have done.

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Jake questions what Liz's secret is. Liz tells him what happened when she kept Danny's paternity a secret because she wanted Jason for herself. Jake wonders why she's telling him this now. Liz says she wants to be honest so he knows what he's getting into when they marry. Jake tells her he's in no position to judge and is fine with not knowing his past.

Nathan tells Maxie about Jake's involvement. She mentions how it's what Jason would have done. Maxie worries Nathan's luck will run out. He tells her they need to cherish every moment.

Carly points out she's not Sonny's wife. The decision about the surgery will have to be made by his sons. Michael says Sonny would want Carly to make the decision. Carly sits with Sonny, discussing her options and ultimately tells the boys she's decided to go ahead with the surgery.