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Big Advertisers Are Dropping The View Amid Nursing Scandal

The View

Don't mess with Florence Nightingale! The View's Joy Behar and Michelle Collins are learning that lesson the hard way.  

The comedians mocked Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson during The View's discussion of the Miss America Pageant.  Johnson, a nurse, wore her scrubs, a stethoscope and gave a monologue about her profession during the competition, all of which Behar and Collins made fun of. Here's a clip:

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Nurses quickly mobilized on social media with the hashtag #NursesUnite in order to support Johnson and shame The View over Behar and Collins's comments.  Here's a statement National Nurses United gave Fox News:

“The View trivialized the profession of nursing, referring to the nurses scrubs as a costume. They also demeaned the role of the RN by referring to a stethoscope as a doctor’s instrument," a rep for the National Nurses United, the largest U.S. Organization of nurses. This statement ignores the RN's role in constant assessment of a patient's health status. RNs provide more than kindness to their patients. They have a large and dynamic scope of practice necessitating education in biological and social sciences, critical thinking and health assessment skilled. RNs use many tools to facilitate this role, including the constant use of a stethoscope.”  

While Behar and Collins have since apologized, the damage has been done. TMZ is reporting both Johnson & Johnson and Eggland's Best have pulled advertisements from the ABC Daytime talk show.