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Perkie's Observations: Will Scotty Get Ava Out of Jail on General Hospital?

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Maura West, Kin Shriner

Maura West, Kin Shriner

Carly and the boys wait for word from Patrick. Morgan is determined to go to the OR to find out any information. Patrick arrives and tells them the surgery was successful. However, Sonny still isn't out of the woods.

Dante prays for Sonny in the chapel. He asks forgiveness for what he's done. Lulu arrives and overhears.  She wonders what he needs forgiveness for. Dante tells her  he was angry with Sonny and his turn for the worse was because of Dante.

Scott pays Ava a visit in jail. She demands to know where Diane is. Julian promised he'd hire her. Scott tells Ava  Julian is being held because Sonny was shot. There was no wedding.

Ava remembers telling Julian to stop the wedding. Scott wonders what she knows. Ava claims Julian is out of the business. Scotty tells her Diane isn't coming. She needs to hire him.

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Ava says the DA will bury her with the recording. Scotty says he has the recording. He'll give it to her for $5 million. At first Ava balks, but then mentions she'll also need a custody lawyer to get Avery back.

Lucas visits Julian. He asks if he had anything to do with the shooting. Julian says he happened to be on the pier at the same time. He swears he's being framed. Lucas points out Sonny's people are going to believe Julian was responsible and will retaliate. Julian appreciates Lucas's concern. He assures him he can take care of himself.

Nathan updates Valerie on the case while he waits for the lab results on Julian's gunshot residue test. Valerie wants to rush to the hospital to talk to Dante. Nathan tells her to back off. He knows she and Dante slept together.

Valerie admits she has feelings for Dante. She says she understands he's committed to his family. Nathan tells her to move on, as he gets the lab results.

Valerie heads to the hospital to let everyone know Julian's lab test was negative. He's being released.

Carly sits with Sonny. She begs him to open his eyes, which he does.