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RUMOR REPORT: Guy Wilson OUT at DAYS? Freddie Smith Back?

Guy Wilson, Freddie Smith

Guy Wilson, Freddie Smith

SPOILER ALERT: Could the brass at Days of Our Lives actually be killing off Will Horton (Guy Wilson) as part of their serial killer storyline? Serial Scoop is reporting they have confirmation on Wilson's exit from the 50-year-old series and on Will's demise.

If this news is true, I will be so disappointed in the powers that be. Will Horton is a legacy character tied to every core family in fictional Salem U.S.A. His mother is a Brady. His dad is both a Horton and a Roberts. He's married to a Kiriakis and his stepfather was a DiMera. How the freak does killing him off help this soap say "Happy 50th Anniversary?"

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A lion's share of DAYS' best storylines for the past two decades have centered on the character of Will — Sami (Alison Sweeney) tricking Austin (Patrick MuldoonAustin Peck) into believing he was the boy's father, only for Lucas (Bryan Datillo) to eventually learn he was the daddy; all the custody fights; the scheming antics of Grandma Kate (Lauren Koslow); the warm bond with Grandma Marlena (Deidre Hall); the critically-acclaimed coming out storyline/gay wedding and all of those Daytime Emmys for Wilson's predecessor Chandler Massey

Killing off Will would be hugely shortsighted. So what if some people aren't fond of the current actor? Recast!  I can't stand when writers rip apart huge, essential parts of a soap's tapestry for momentary shock and awe. On a happier note, Jason47 is reporting Freddie Smith is returning as Will's husband Sonny.