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Perkie's Observations: Kristina Returns on General Hospital

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Sonny wakes up and apologizes for messing up their wedding. Carly reassures him that they'll make up for it.

Dante tells Nathan that he almost confessed his sins to Lulu because he's as bad as Sonny for betraying his wife. Dante worries that telling the truth will destroy his marriage. Nathan's about to tell him tValerie still has feelings for him when the women show up. Valerie asks Nathan not to spill the beans.

Sam checks in with Julian. He assures her he's innocent and can take care of himself. Molly overhears and complains about Julian. Sam points out there is no evidence that Julian is responsible.

Alexis and Kristina arrive home and have a Davis coven reunion. Sam tells them Julian was released for lack of evidence. Once the girls leave, Alexis and Sam agree that they believe in Julian's innocence. However, Sam worries that people think he's responsible.

Ava calls Julian to let him know that Scott is now her lawyer and he has the flash drive. In court, Ric is forced to admit that he doesn't have the drive. He blames Scott for taking it out of the evidence locker in the first place.

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Ric feels that when officers were going through the office during Madeline's case, someone took the drive. Scott asks for the charges against Ava to be dropped. The judge complies, but on the understanding that once the drive is found, she'll reinstate the charges. Ava is released.

TJ goes over the events of that night while Morgan insists that TJ tell them that Julian was responsible. TJ admits he didn't see the shooter and has no idea if it was Julian.

Milo's back in the fold and Michael gives orders to put extra protection on Sonny's room. Michael feels whoever took the shot will try again. He tells Morgan to calm down and focus on their father's recovery. Morgan asks Milo for a favor.

Alexis stops by to see Julian. He swears he's innocent but is leaving town until the dust settles. Julian asks Alexis to go with him. She reminds him that she can't leave her daughters. Alexis doesn't believe Sonny or his people would come after her.

Kristina sits with Sonny and apologizes for being away so long. She says she's proud to be his daughter and begs Sonny to be more careful.

Michael sits with Sonny and calls him his father. He admits they both messed up. Sonny remembers something Morgan said while he was under.

Morgan shows up at Julian's apartment, gun in hand.