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Perkie's Observations: Ava Wants Avery Back on General Hospital

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Ava tells Carly that she's there for Avery since she's her mother. Carly says Ava's not fit to be a parent and refuses to let her have the baby.

Ava points out that Carly has no legal rights to Avery. Carly counters that when Ava "died", the courts gave Sonny all rights. Ava hands Carly a court order reestablishing her parental rights.

Carly refuses, but Morgan warns her that she has to comply with the court order. Carly hands Avery over to Ava. After reading over the paper, Carly points out that the custodial parent needs 24 hours notice. Ava tells her to let Sonny know and she'll be back to get Avery in 24 hours.

Patrick checks out Sonny and questions why he thought Jake was Jason. Patrick believes it was because of the drugs. He explains how Jake disarmed the men. Sonny says it's how Jason used to work. Patrick doesn't understand why Sonny takes the risk, saying the people they love are the ones left to deal with the grief.

Sam stops by to see Julian and warn him that he needs to get out of town. Julian tells her that Sonny doesn't want him dead and he needs to find out who's setting him up. Sam offers to help, but Julian would rather she stay out of it.

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Sam tells Julian about Patrick's proposal and how today is her anniversary. Sam admits that she needs to find a way to let Jason go.

Michael explains to Jake what happened with Morgan and how he's been forced to work with Sonny's people to find out what's going on. Michael says it used to be Jason's job. Jake tells him that Sonny mistook him for Jason.

Alexis introduces herself to Paul as Julian's attorney and admits they have a personal relationship. Alexis says Julian is innocent and that the witness was lying. She wants Paul to drop the charges. Paul doesn't agree, but promise to be objective. His goal is to keep the city safe.

Sam and Jake run into each other at the Noodle Buddha.

Paul calls Ava and tells her that he's ready for his next move.

Carly brings Avery in to see Sonny and to tell him about Ava.