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Perkie's Observations: Ava, Michael and the Five Families on General Hospital

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Carly explains to Sonny that Ava is out of jail, because the recording was lost, and that she's coming for Avery. Sonny feels Avery deserves better and swears that Ava won't get her hands on the baby.

Carly says it will be an uphill battle in the courts. Sonny counters that he'll take care of Ava himself. Carly tells him that she doesn't want any bloodshed. She says to strengthen their case says they should get married today.

Paul tells Ava that there's a meeting of the five families and wants her to attend. Ava says she's trying to get Avery back and Sonny will use it against her. Paul points out that Sonny is in the same situation and he can help her get custody.

Ava says she won't take credit for the shooting. Paul tells her to place the blame on Julian, which Ava initially refuses to do. Paul warns her that she has no choice.

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Ric promises to file a motion to counter Ava's court order. He tells Michael about the meeting and that he's planning on attending to find out who shot Sonny. Morgan gets his panties in a bunch because he wants to go.

Michael tells both Ric and Morgan that they aren't going and decides to go himself.

Liz tells Patrick that she and Jake have set a wedding date. He tells her that he proposed to Sam, but that she turned him down. Patrick feels that Sam is still in love with Jason.

Sam explains to Jake that she and Jason got married in the restaurant. When she mentions heading out on a motorcycle with Jason, Jake has a memory of that.

Sam mentions the proposal and that she came to the restaurant to get closure. Jake thinks she wants to keep Jason's memory alive and wonders why. Sam admits that she thinks Jason is still alive.

Michael sits down with the heads of the five families. Ava shows up.