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Michael E. Knight on New Y&R Character: "Kind of Eccentric and a Rule Breaker"

Michael E. Knight

Michael E. Knight

All My Children superstar Michael E. Knight begins airing on The Young and the Restless this Oct. 15. He's playing Simon Neville, a quack Neil (Kristoff St. John) hires to tend to an ailing Hilary (Mishael Morgan). 

TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan got the scoop on Knight's new role from the actor himself.  He also inquired about Knight's thoughts on Y&R showrunner Chuck Pratt's controversial stint head writing for All My Children.

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Said Knight on how Dr. Neville will interact with Neil and Hilary: 

He’s very cool, kind of eccentric and a rule breaker. And hilarious, though he doesn’t mean to be. He makes no apologies for being brilliant and always thinks he has the highest IQ in the room. He’s here to keep the [Hilary] situation under wraps. And that’s all I’m allowed to tell you…he says, twirling his mustache.  

As for Pratt, the excerpt below reveals TV's former Tad the Cad has a decidedly different take on the polarizing soaper than soap queen Susan Lucci.

This gig reunites you with head writer Chuck Pratt, who had a devastating run at All My Children. You’re one of the only stars of that show who praise him. What’s up with that? is doing pretty well under him!  

I can’t complain about the guy! Tad had been stuck in a rut for five years and had been married to Dixie (Cady McClain) two or three times when Chuck came along. He said, “I keep hearing about Tad the Cad, but where is he? You’re Father Knows Best. All that’s missing is a sweater and pipe. I want to break you out of this.” So he had Tad get shot in the head and develop a personality disorder, and after that the sky was the limit.  

So how come so many others at AMC wanted to run Pratt over in a crosswalk? Even Susan Lucci, who always played it safe in the media, blasted the hell out of him in her autobiography.

I don’t think Chuck was given a fair shot at AMC. I suspect he got his marching orders from [former ABC Daytime chief] Brian Frons, who only wanted the under 35 audience. Chuck had to turn AMC, which was moving very slowly, into a show that demanded your full attention, not something you could half-watch while you were making a ham sandwich. He really had to mix it up. But he was only there for what, seven months? I think he’s a funny, progressive guy. And hey, Y&R is doing pretty well under him!

What's that they say? There's three sides to every story. Hers, his and the truth! Click here to read about Knight's regrets over not joining Prospect Park's short-lived continuation of All My Children.