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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas and Hayden Date on General Hospital

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Rebecca Budig, Tyler Christopher

Rebecca Budig, Tyler Christopher

Michael tells Dante that, according to Ava, Carlos shot Sonny to assert his power. He asks Dante to have Carlos brought in. Dante says they haven't been able to find Carlos.

Paul offers to double their efforts and offer a reward to find Carlos.

Sonny has a seizure. Patrick tells Carly that he has a blood clot on the brain and needs surgery.

Ava tells Julian that Carlos did the shooting to get back at him for giving the order to kill Duke and throwing Carlos to the wolves. Julian's surprised, but Ava figures Carlos promoted himself when he saw the chance.

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Ava explains about the meeting with the five families and that Michael was there. Ava says she decided to take over the business and likes all the power.

Julian offers to move out. Ava agrees and tells him that Avery will be moving in. Ava says she still has the art dealer cover to go up against Sonny.

Nikolas and Hayden's first date is interrupted by a drunken Sloane. He's still upset that Anna turned her back on him. After Sloane leaves, Nik admits that he doesn't really trust Hayden. She admits she doesn't trust him either.

Sam decides that she's ready to leave Jason behind because, if he was still alive, he would have found his way back to her. She leaves the figurines behind.

Sloane calls Paul to meet him and tells him that Anna killed Carlos. He hands Paul a key to a safe deposit box which has Anna's gun with her prints on it, as well as Carlos' wallet and ID. Sloane wants immunity in exchange for his testimony. Paul doesn't want this to mess up his plans and shoots and kills Sloane.