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Can Ridge and Caroline's Relationship Survive on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Thorsten Kaye, Linsey Godfrey

Thorsten Kaye, Linsey Godfrey

A much older fashion mogul romances and marries a young woman who once dated his son. If you started watching The Bold and the Beautiful in the 90's you might think I'm referring to the tempestuous, decades-old saga of Eric (John McCook), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge (then Ronn Moss). 

History repeated itself in 2015 on B&B. Ridge's (now Thorsten Kaye) son Thomas (Pierson Fode) returned to L.A. and Forrester Creations with the same brash arrogance his father exhibited at that age.  Another personality kink Thomas shares with his father is Ridge's penchant for lusting after his stepmother. 

Technically Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) wasn't married to Ridge when she slept with Thomas—following a night of pill-popping and booze—but I doubt any of that will matter to a sterile Ridge when he learns his wife is carrying his grandchild.

When the fur and sequins stop flying at the House of Forrester, will Ridge and his muse ever be able to get back to normal? Can the bullheaded designer ever accept a child Caroline bears for Thomas?

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