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Perkie's Observations: Dillon Admits Feelings For Lulu on General Hospital

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Morgan refuses to let Ava take Avery despite her court order. Carly is the voice of reason and hands the baby over. Carly reminds Ava that Sonny has legal rights and that Avery needs her father.

Paul questions Nathan about Anna. She admits that she's a risk taker, but someone who gets the job done. Nathan claims he doesn't believe Ava's story about Carlos. Paul says they need to find Carlos.

Anna asks Sam for help in finding Sonny's shooter for Duke's sake. Sam mentions Carlos, but Anna has information that contradicts it. She can't tell Sam what it is.

Sam tells Anna about Patrick's proposal. Anna believes that's a good step for them.

Lulu questions Valerie, who claims she only meant that she's worried about Dante because of Sonny. Valerie heads back to the station. She confides in Nathan that she's not over Dante. Nathan reminds her that Dante has chosen Lulu and she needs to find someone else.

Dillon and Maxie try to shoot their sex scene, but Dillon sees Lulu's face. Maxie thinks they should start with an easier scene. Dillon ends up admitting that he has feelings for Lulu.

Dillon says he saw a difference in Lulu when they went to BC. He says she was more grown up. Maxie says Lulu loves Dante and Rocco and won't leave them. Maxie says there is someone for Dillon, just not Lulu.

Paul pays Ava a visit and tells her that Anna thinks she's lying about Carlos being the shooter. Paul is certain that he can neutralize the police.

Patrick finishes the surgery and tells the family that some damage was done and he won't know how much until Sonny wakes up.

Morgan tells Michael that they need to be prepared if Sonny's doesn't wake up. Michael claims he'll be the one to take over.

Valerie finds Dillon and makes out with him.