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Perkie's Observations: Laura Returns to General Hospital

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Nathan questions Maxie's day and gets a little jealous. Maxie reassures him that Dillon is not her type, but he told her a secret that she can't share. Nathan admits he has his own secret.

Andy interrupts Dillon and Valerie's make out session and leaves his video camera behind. Valerie admits that she's been using Dillon because her heart is elsewhere. Dillon says he has feelings for Lulu and realizes that Valerie has feelings for Dante. He questions whether they only kissed.

Valerie admits that she and Dante slept together. She knows it was wrong, but is still emotional about it. Dillon promises that her secret is safe with him, but all of it was recorded on Andy's camera.

Dante feels helpless about Sonny's situation and the issues with Michael and Morgan. Lulu offers her support and promises they'll get through this.

Sam has a presentation for Patrick and agrees to marry him. Patrick gets back down on his knee to officially propose.

Franco and Nina check in on Kiki, who says she got a job. However, she's having a hard time selling Silas' place.

Nina and Franco decide they need to move out of the hotel and agree to move in together. Franco worries that something is wrong with Kiki. Kiki tells them she's heading to work, but ends up drinking at The Rib.

Laura shows up at Sam and Patrick.