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Perkie's Observations: Kiki and Nina Become Roommates on General Hospital

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Tracy wonders what Paul is covering up, but he complains about the incompetence of Ric and Scott making his new job harder. Tracy worries about Michael getting dragged into Sonny's business.

Paul promises to put an end to the mob violence. Tracy begs him to make sure Michael doesn't get caught in the crossfire. She warns Paul to stay away from Ava.

Nina says she doesn't want to buy the apartment or live with Kiki. Kiki accuses Nina of hating her, which Nina denies. Kiki tells them that if they want to help her to find someone to buy the place and storms out.

Laura walks in on Nikolas and Hayden and is surprised when she's introduced to Hayden. Hayden explains her recovery and her memory loss. Laura questions the Jake connection. Hayden claims Helena only told her and not Nikolas. Hayden explains to Laura that Nikolas is helping her recover.

Liz catches Jake checking her phone and he questions who she got the call from. Patrick and Sam arrive and announce their engagement before he gets called to the hospital with Liz.

Jake tells Sam about Liz's phone call. Sam manages to find the records that the call came from Wyndemere, but not Nik's direct phone. Jake realizes that Hayden called Liz and is determined to find out why.

Sonny wakes up. Patrick checks his reflexes and notices that he doesn't have any. Patrick tells them that Sonny is partially paralyzed and he doesn't know when things will improve.

Franco begs Nina to buy the apartment. She points out all the reason why she wouldn't, including that her ex husband was killed there by her mother. Franco manages to convince her. Nina finally agrees, but doesn't want Kiki as part of the package. Franco says Kiki has no-one and nowhere else to go plus it would make Ava crazy.

Julian and Ava hang out at The Rib with Avery. Kiki comes in, determined to drink herself into a new liver. Ava wants them to put aside their differences and be a family.

Ava apologizes to Kiki for betraying her. Kiki feels neither Ava nor Julian are her family anymore.

Liz calls Nikolas, worried about Hayden's motives. She warns Nik to put a stop to whatever Hayden is up to.

Kiki gets back to the apartment. Nina offers to buy the apartment and asks Kiki to stay. Franco promises they'll all be a family.

Laura questions Nikolas' motives in having Hayden stay with him, considering he tried to have her killed.

Carly wants to marry Sonny in the hospital, but he refuses until he can walk