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Perkie's Observations: Hayden Eavesdrops on Nikolas and Laura on General Hospital

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Sonny refuses to marry Carly until he's capable of not being a burden to her. Carly admits the recovery will be a challenge, but says she loves him enough.

Jake questions why Hayden's call upset Liz so much. Liz claims it stems from Hayden lying about being Jake's wife and that she doesn't like Hayden.

Felix updates Michael and Morgan on Sonny's paralysis. He then heads off for drinks with Sabrina. When Sabrina gets sick from the smell of the food, Felix asks if she's pregnant. Sabrina claims it's stress, but promises to take a test.

Emma and Anna discuss Robin until Sam gets home. Emma worries Robin will return and disrupt the wedding like she did with Sabrina.

Anna explains that bad people took Robin the first time, but now she's doing important work and wouldn't interrupt the wedding. Emma wonders if Danny's daddy can interrupt the wedding. Sam assures her that Jason is not coming back. I got a headache from all the falling anvils in these scenes!

Hayden eavesdrops as Nikolas denies the hit on her to Laura. He claims it was mob related meant for Jake. However, Laura doesn't believe him. Nik reminds his mother she accepted all the terrible things Luke did. He asks Laura to forget that Jake is really Jason. Nik tells her to let Liz be happy with Jake.

Ava brings Avery to the hospital, worried about a rash and the fact that she doesn't know Avery's medical history. Liz reassures her that it's simply eczema, but has someone check it out. Later Ava thanks Liz for being nice to her.

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Jake shows up at Wyndemere demanding to know why Hayden called Liz and upset her. Jake warns Hayden to back off of his future wife. Laura is surprised to hear of the engagement. She questions why he'd make a commitment when he doesn't know who he is or if he has another family.

Jake claims no one is looking for him. Laura feels it would mean more to Liz if he found out the truth before he married her.

Sonny gets taken for tests and runs into Ava and Avery in the hall. Ava happily informs him that she has temporary custody and will fight for full custody. Sonny threatens Ava, which is like saying Sonny takes a breath and blinks.

Carly tells the boys that she hasn't had a chance to tell Sonny about Avery or Carlos and that he now needs to focus on his recovery. Carly warns that Sonny can't know yet that Michael went to the meeting.

Sonny returns and tells them that he saw Ava. He agrees with Carly that they need to get married right away.

Hayden tells Nikolas that she overheard him arguing with Laura and that it was about her. Nik claims he was defending her to his mother. Hayden feels Nikolas is so good to her, but methinks Hayden is starting to play him.

Morgan runs into Ava, who claims Sonny will never see Avery again. Morgan counters that Sonny will stop her from keeping Avery.

Jake calls Sam to help him found out his identity.