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Perkie's Observations: Ring-Around-A Pregnancy Test on General Hospital

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Tracy questions whether Paul has spoken with Michael about joining Sonny's organization. Paul wonders what her agenda really is about. Tracy's concern is for ELQ, but also for Michael.

Dante and Lulu discuss Sonny's recovery. Dante tells her that he wants to start the process for having another baby which Lulu agrees to. Later Dante tells Olivia the good news. She tells him that she has the baby in Port Charles. Dante worries about Julian, but Olivia thinks maybe Julian was telling the truth about being out of the mob. She wants her entire family together.

Nathan threatens Dillon about keeping his hands off of Maxie during the filming of the movie. Maxie apologizes to Dillon and promises that Nathan won't cause problems.

Valerie calls Dillon to remind him not to tell anyone about her sleeping with Dante. Dillon's not happy with Dante but eventually agrees not to tell Lulu anything.

Sabrina hides a pregnancy test in a bag when she meets up with Michael. Valerie arrives, with a bag of licorice. After some pleasantries, Sabrina walks out with the wrong bag. At home, Sabrina's bag no longer contains her pregnancy test. Valerie bumps into Nathan and drops her bag, which he picks up. Later, Nathan checks the bag and finds the pregnancy test. He assumes it is Valerie's.

Julian presents Alexis with a gift, a photo album of family photos, with blank pages for the two of them. Alexis asks him to move in with her. Julian doesn't want to until his trial is behind him.

Alexis gets a call from Paul. He tells her that there will be no trial for Julian, because the charges have been dropped.

Paul meets with Michael and asks if he's planning on joining Sonny's force. Paul warns him against that. Michael realizes that Tracy asked Paul to do this and is angry with her.

Sabrina sits amongst several positive pregnancy tests, which she hides when Tracy arrives. Tracy warns Sabrina to talk to Michael. Michael arrives and angrily yells at Tracy about interfering. Michael says he'll do what's necessary to find Sonny's shooter.

Lulu interrupts Dillon's scene shooting, so he yells at her and storms off. Lulu demands that Maxie tell her what Dillon was angry about. Maxie admits that Dillon is in love with her.

Dillon goes to Paul for advice, but ultimately decides to suffer in silence and do nothing about his feelings for Lulu.

Nathan tells Dante that he bumped into Valerie and found the pregnancy test. Dillon overhears as Dante confronts Valerie about the test.

As Julian's leaving the hotel room, he runs into Olivia and the baby.