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Perkie's Observations: Elizabeth Dreams of Her Wedding Day on General Hospital

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Julian wonders who the baby is. Olivia claims she adopted a baby to get over the loss of Leo. When Julian spots the blanket with Leo's name on it, Olivia has an answer for that as well.

Valerie declares that she isn't pregnant and demands to know what Dante's problem is. Dante's quick to apologize and puppy dog eyed Valerie is quick to accept it.

Jake tells Sam that he needs to know who he is, for Liz's sake. Sam agrees to help and the two decide to find out if Nikolas knows Jake's identity and is withholding the information.

Hayden claims she wants to do something special for Nikolas, like go out on a real date. The two head out to get her something to wear. Hayden promises to model the clothes for him.

Laura pays Liz a visit and questions how long she can keep up the lie. Liz insists that everyone is better off not knowing that Jason is alive. Laura points out that their marriage will be invalid. Liz glosses over that, certain Jason will never regain his memories.

Maxie tells Lulu that Dillon is in love with her. When Dillon returns, he apologizes for yelling at Lulu. She tells him that she knows he's in love with her, but that she's moved past who she was.

Lulu says she has a family now, but Dillon disputes that. Lulu says she's committed to her husband. Dillon says Dante isn't worthy of her and grabs Lulu and kisses her.

Sam and Jake break into Wyndemere to find Nik's computer. Sam manages to download information from it before Nik gets home. Jake and Sam are forced to hide.

Valerie tosses the pregnancy test in the trash, where Maxie spots it.

Little Jake gets home, with an injury, and claims he tripped. Liz cleans him up and sends him off.

Laura questions how little Jake has been coping since his return. Liz says he's adjusting well and that things were normal on the island. Laura feels the boy may need someone to talk to. Liz feels there is no sign of trauma as little Jake listens from the shadows.