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Perkie's Observations: Nina Moves In on General Hospital

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Lulu breaks off the kiss and is angry with Dillon. Dillon brings up what Dante and Valerie did. She becomes more angry because she still believes it was only a kiss. Lulu tells Dillon to accept that she's married or they can't be friends.

Valerie confides in Jordan about Dante's reaction to the possible pregnancy. Jordan confronts Dante and tells him that Valerie still isn't over him. Valerie hears and says she's done with Dante. Valerie and Dillon commiserate with each other.

Dante gets home and Lulu tells him about Dillon's kiss. She swears he's always been just a friend. Lulu begs forgiveness. Dante swears nothing will come between them.

Sam and Jake are forced to hide on the parapet while Hayden and Nik make out. When JaSam make a noise, knocking over a gargoyle, they're forced to hide when Nik checks it out. Later, Nik tries to start things up again with Hayden. However, she decides she's not ready for sex with him.

Nina buys Silas' apartment and wants to redecorate. Kiki gets upset at the idea. Nina decides that living with Kiki is not a good idea. Kiki declares that she'll move out in the morning, before storming off to the bar.

Ava runs into Morgan at the bar. He questions her parenting skills. Ava says Avery is with a sitter since she has to work. Ava asks for forgiveness and wants Morgan's help in reconnecting with Kiki.

Kiki arrives and starts knocking back drinks. Morgan and Ava confront her, but she gets angry and tosses a drink in Ava's face. Kiki gets confrontational with the bartender, who calls the police and has her arrested.

Nina and Franco discuss their relationship and why they haven't had sex yet. Nina admits that she's only been with Silas. Franco assures her that they can take things slowly, but the two head to the bedroom. Morgan calls and tells Franco that Kiki has been arrested.