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4 Soap Heroines in Desperate Need of Storylines

Katherine Kelly Lang

Katherine Kelly Lang

The year 2015 has given daytime fans several meaty soap opera storylines which have provided many beloved stars—and quite a few suds newbies—the chance to shine. However, some of our long-time faves have been lingering on the back burner so long we're starting to worry they might lose their flavor! Below are 10 soap stars who need storylines now.

1.) Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, The Bold and the Beautiful)

The Bold and the Beautiful told 2015's best storyline to date when they revealed top model Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) was transgender. The powerful arc provided frontburner material for Mosley, her TV sister Reign Edwards (Nicole) and leading man Jacob Young (Rick). 

Rick's mom, eternal sex bomb Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), fretted on the sidelines about her son continuing to be involved with Maya. That was about the extent of her involvement in the storyline. 

When she wasn't trying to force bed rest on Rick, Brooke was meddling in her ex-hubby's love life in 2015. Surely B&B can find more for one of its most iconic characters to do than whisper admonishments at Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) over secret vasectomies. 

I'd love to see Brooke make another power play for Forrester Creations. The Slut from the Valley using the BeLieF wrinkle-free patent to wrest control from the Forresters back in the 90's remains one of my all-time favorite soap storylines. 

What if Brooke bought Bill Spencer's (Don Diamont) shares in the company and teamed with Thomas (Pierson Fode) and Eric (John McCook) to stage another coup, this time ending with Brooke as CEO, Rick as president and Thomas as head designer?

That takes care of the boardroom but Brooke also needs some attention in the bedroom! Sexy Forrester Creations legal counsel Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) is available. He hasn't gotten laid since he was engaged to Maya! Then there's Eric. He and Brooke share two children and an easy chemistry. All that bonding over Rick's life could lead to rekindled amour. 

Sonya Eddy

Sonya Eddy

2.) Sonya Eddy (Epiphany, General Hospital)

Milo Giambetti (Drew Cheetwood) really must be magic in the sack. He apparently has Epiphany Johnson (Sonya Eddy) so spent she barely has any time to show up for work at General Hospital.

Daytime's favorite bossy nurse should really be utilized better on a soap with "hospital" in the title. Primetime medical dramas like Grey's Anatomy and Code Black get tons of mileage out of having no nonsense veteran medical professionals training newbies. Why not give Piph a new class of student nurses to whip into shape?

Someone at ABC is determined to make Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) happen. Fine. Whatever. At least use her to put more focus on the hospital and Piph. Kiki should enroll in the nursing program at Port Charles University, along with Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth). Kristina must loathe Kiki for porking both of her brothers. Making her and Kiki rivals at GH—under Epiphany's watchful eye—would solve all sorts of problems.  Give them a hot young doctor to fight over (Tommy Hardy, Jr? Sly Eckert?) and voila, Love in the Afternoon: The Next Generation!

Shawn Christian, Melissa Reeves

Shawn Christian, Melissa Reeves

3.) Melissa Reeves (Jennifer, Days of Our Lives)

Has Jennifer Horton Deveraux (Melissa Reeves) cracked a smile on Days of Our Lives once in 2015? It's hard to imagine this is the same character who once existed as daytime's answer to big screen rom-com queens like Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts

DAYS really needs to do something to restore the bloom to Jennifer's Rose. The best way to do this is to give Jennifer a purpose outside of her kids and her crappy PR job at the hospital.

Jennifer was once a world famous journalist with a nationally-syndicated talk show. Her Aunt Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) is married to a publishing mogul. Come on, people. Don't make me do all the work. Jennifer should be working for Victor (John Aniston) at Titan Publishing!

Titan's flagship publication, Bella Magazine, was at the center of several juicy storylines on DAYS during its 1990's era resurgence. New head writers Josh Griffith and Dena Higley have dusted off fashion house Basic Black. Why not do the same for Bella

DAYS could explore the very real trend of print magazines struggling to stay afloat in the digital age. When Maggie learns Victor is thinking of shuttering Bella, she convinces him to bring on Jennifer as editor-in-chief in a last ditch effort to save the struggling style bible. 

Jennifer wants to re-brand Bella as more Vanity Fair than Cosmo. She's okay with keeping the fashion, sex and celeb slant but wants to do more serious journalism pieces.

Enter Hunter Garrison (Wishful Casting: Colin Egglesfield), a cocky, gorgeous, tech rock star Victor hires to ramp up Bella's digital platforms. Hunter and Jennifer clash from day one. 

Hunter pushes Jennifer to add clickbait headlines into her editorial strategy. She flat out refuses.

Jennifer preaches at Hunter about Bella putting quality journalism above revenue under her watch. Hunter fires back  if no one is clicking on Jennifer's "quality journalism" pieces, it won't help keep the lights on at Titan. They can't stand one another other. So why do both need ice cold showers after every tense meeting?  

As they grow closer, Jennifer learns Hunter is a former U.S. Marine. He was stationed in Afghanistan at the same time as her late husband Jack (Matthew Ashford). Not only did Hunter know Jack, they were friends and he was interviewed for Jack's book.

Every time Jennifer wants Hunter to open up about his time in Afghanistan, he clams up. She rightfully senses there's more to the story than even Jack recorded in his book. 

She decides to go to Afghanistan to investigate. Hunter warns she can't. Jack didn't even begin to scratch the surface about the corruption they experienced in Afghanistan. His deceased friend would never forgive Hunter for allowing his widow to put herself in harms way. 

Jennifer says she's going to Afghanistan with or without Hunter. Will they uncover the atrocities Jack was trying to expose and fall in love in the process? 

Marco Dapper, Tracey Bregman

Marco Dapper, Tracey Bregman

4.) Tracey Bregman (Lauren, The Young and the Restless)

I wish I could be as excited about a Likey reunion as some fans. I love the character of Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman). I also adore Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc). Together, however, I find them about as interesting as a Farmer's Almanac. 

I miss the Lauren I grew up watching on The Young and the Restless — the ruthless, sexy cosmetics heiress who engaged in illicit business dealings and even more illicit affairs. Every time I complain about this, someone on Twitter points out Lauren isn't 20 anymore and characters have to grow up. Bull s#*t. 

Joan Collins was already in her 50s by the time she was vamping her way through Denver, Colorado as Alexis Carrington Colby on Dynasty. At 45,  Taraji P. Henson is only five or six years younger than Bregman and she consistently walks around in her underwear on smash hit primetime soap Empire. To borrow from the late Aaliyah, age ain't nothing but a number.

The last time Lauren truly seemed like herself was when she was boning delicious-if-demented barkeep Carmine Basco (Marco Dapper). I got my hopes up Lauren might let hunky Aussie Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) sit in her kangaroo pouch but the soap chickened out.

If Y&R isn't going to let Lauren screw around anymore then at least give her a meaty business arc. Fenmore's Department Stores, Inc. should be a viable factor in the soap opera's newly-renewed war between the Newmans and Abbotts.

A good way to facilitate this would be to have both of Lauren's sons on the canvas full-time. Scott Grainger (Wishful Casting: Casey Deidrick) and Fenmore Baldwin (Max Ehrich) living in Genoa City, battling over their mother's dynasty—not to mention Newman/Abbott heirs and heiresses—would provide good soap.

What if Scott turns out to be gay and shares a past with closeted bisexual Kyle Abbott (Lachlan Buchanan)? Fenmore learning his romantic rival for Summer's (Hunter King) affections used to slob his big brother's knob in college would be quite the juicy revelation, which he could use to further his agendas with Summer and at Fenmore's.

As for Lauren, the doting mother wants nothing more for her two sons to get along. However, she needs to prepare a ready successor. This could cause all sorts of friction between Lauren and Michael, as he sides with Fenmore against Kyle.  Why should the Newmans and Abbotts have all the fun?