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Perkie's Observations: Sonny and Carly Get Married on General Hospital

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Spencer and Corinthos family members, including a new and older Josslyn show up for Sonny and Carly's wedding in the chapel. The two exchange vows and are pronounced husband and wife. Bobbie accepts Sonny, but warns him that he needs to make a change so no one else he loves gets hurt.

Paul tells Ava that he has a plan in motion and to be prepared to accommodate his needs. Ava begs him to find somebody else to launder his money, because she's trying to get full custody of Avery. Ava says she's trying to prove she's the better parent and needs time. Paul agrees to give her time, but warns her to make the custody case go away.

Jordan questions Anna about Carlos, but Anna doesn't want to relive her last encounter with him. Anna questions whether Jordan believes Carlos shot Sonny.

Dillon and Maxie come across a dead body in the water. Jordan and Nathan get to the scene and find the body's face and fingerprints are gone, thanks to the fish in the water. The ID on the body is Carlos'.

Anna pays Ava a visit and accuses her of being a liar, saying she knows Carlos didn't shoot Sonny. Anna wonders who Ava is really covering for. Later Ava calls Paul to warn him that Anna is suspicious.

Maxie mentions to Valerie about sleeping with Dillon, but Valerie denies that. Maxie wonders who's her baby daddy. Valerie tells her that she isn't pregnant.

Dante warns Dillon to stay away from Lulu.

Jordan wonders who would kill Carlos. Paul points the finger at Sonny.

Dante gets the call and informs the wedding guests that Carlos' ID was found on the body. Sabrina gets upset and swears to Michael that Carlos didn't shoot Sonny.

Carly wonders who shot Carlos. Sonny claims he didn't have anyone retaliate. Carly looks at Morgan. Morgan swears he didn't do it.

Paul tells Anna that the ID on the body was Carlos'.