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Perkie's Observations: What is Hayden up to on General Hospital?

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Liz demands that Hayden tell her the truth. However, Hayden denies that she has her memories back.

Jordan brings Anna in for questioning regarding Carlos. Paul gets the autopsy report and claims that the dental records confirm the body was Carlos. Paul says Carlos was shot two weeks ago, after he was named as Sonny's shooter. Jordan figures they need to focus on Sonny's organization.

Spinelli discovers an email between Nikolas and a lab, comparing Jake's DNA. Sam decides they need to hack into the lab and find out more. Jake says he's going to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas.

Tracy brings Sabrina condolences flowers. Michael gets angry with Tracy again, but then is called to the police station. Tracy wonders why Sabrina is so upset and figures out that she's pregnant.

Sabrina admits it and says she hasn't told Michael because she's scared will lose the baby. Tracy is thrilled to get another Quartermaine heir. She tells Sabrina to put Carlos behind her and start anew with Michael. Sabrina has a memory of the last time she and Carlos were together.

Jordan tells Michael that the body was Carlos and asks what he knows about the murder. Michael's quick to say he won't talk without an attorney and points out that the Jeromes had motive to get rid of Carlos.

Anna asks Patrick for something to help her sleep. Patrick recommends that she see Kevin. Later, Anna sees Ghost Carlos on the docks.

Patrick questions why Liz was all up in Hayden's business. Liz says she thinks Hayden is lying and is worried her life with Jake will fall apart. Patrick tells her to grab her happy ending.

Hayden complains to Nikolas about Liz, then says she needs a job to keep her occupied. Nikolas offers her a spot in his company. Later, Hayden calls someone and tells them that she in.

Sam and Spinelli head down to the docks and wax poetic about Jason on the anniversary of his death. Sam claims she's made peace with Jason's death, but still feels his presence.

Sabrina tells Michael that she's pregnant.