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Perkie's Observations: Ned Returns to Port Charles on General Hospital

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Sabrina announces that she's pregnant, but was worried to tell Michael. Michael assures her that he's happy about it. He tells her that he loves her. Michael asks her to move in with him and Sabrina happily agrees.

Sam admits to Spinelli that she still misses Jason. Spin tells her that it's ok to move on.

Jake demands that Nikolas tell him who he compared the DNA to. Nik claims he checked the international database but didn't find a match. Nikolas realizes that they hacked into his computer. Jake warns that he'll be back.

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Olivia's happily anticipating Ned's arrival, but gets upset when he tells her that he thinks they should break up. Ned feels that he can't keep Leo's secret anymore and Olivia should tell Julian the truth. Olivia's worried that Julian is still a danger.

Julian and Molly have a run in about his moving into their home. When Alexis arrives, she tells Molly to treat Julian with respect, but Molly disagrees. Molly warns her mother that Julian is still up to his old ways.

Julian wonders if maybe he shouldn't move in. Alexis promises that Molly will come around. When she leaves the room, Julian takes a call that Alexis overhears.

Kiki's drinking again and doesn't care about Morgan's concerns. New girl Darby takes a shine to Morgan and tries to convince him to go to a party with her. When Molly and TJ arrive, Morgan tries again to get through to Kiki. However, she blows him off, Morgan heads off with Darby.

Hayden eavesdrops as Spencer asks Nik his intentions. Nik admits that he likes Hayden, but was hurt by Britt and wants to take things slowly.