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Perkie's Observations: Julian Has a Surprise for Alexis on General Hospital

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Olivia cries on Dante's shoulder about her breakup with Ned. She then questions why he seems to be hiding something. Dante tells her that he and Lulu hit a rough patch and that they've made up, but Dillon's involved.

Anna pays Kevin a visit and tells him that she's being haunted. Kevin feels it's a coping mechanism. However, Anna says she isn't seeing Duke, she's seeing Carlos. Kevin questions whether Anna committed a crime. Anna admits that she's taken a life, but doesn't go so far as to say that it was Carlos'.

Sonny wants Max to find out who killed Carlos. When Patrick arrives, Sonny insists on being released today, since he has urgent business to deal with .

Patrick lays down the law. Sonny is nowhere near ready to be released and that he has a long road ahead of him.

Alexis gets DNA results from Brad regarding Julian and the baby. Brad asks for legal advice and worries that if he gets a divorce he'll end up in jail. Alexis promises to help.

Maxie wants to know what secret Dillon is keeping about Dante, but he refuses to tell. Lulu's tired of Dillon's interference and wants the film to stop shooting on the boat.

Dillon says he has no money to shoot elsewhere, but Lulu doesn't care. Maxie decides they need to fund raise and wants Lulu's Halloween party to be a benefit.

Alexis is suspicious when Julian takes yet another suspicious phone call and demands an answer. Julian takes her to a new home, that he's been secretly building for her, which explains all the secrecy.

Alexis reads the lab results and is not happy.

Carly calls Patrick out on his bad bedside manner. Sonny overhears as Patrick points out to her that Sonny could be in the wheelchair for the rest of his life.