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Perkie's Observations: Julian Confronts Olivia on General Hospital

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Alexis tells Julian that Leo is alive, according to the DNA results. Julian gets angry that Olivia played him and decides he's going to bring his son home.

Alexis reminds him that he doesn't have a legal claim and will try to get a court order. Alexis warns Julian to handle this with care, because she understands Olivia's position.

Sonny's angry with Patrick for talking to Carly about his condition. Sonny is determined not to spend the rest of his life in the chair.

Patrick says Sonny isn't dealing with the reality so Sonny decides he needs a new doctor. Patrick says he understands that Sonny feels weak and vulnerable. However, the bullet didn't kill him and that he needs to start climbing out of this hole.

Dante confides to Nathan that Dillon knows the truth. Nathan tells him that he needs to come clean to Lulu before she finds out from Dillon.

Maxie lets them know that Lulu kicked Dillon off the boat. Lulu tells Dante that Dillon hinted at something. She wonders if there is something that she should know. Dante denies all. Maxie says they need a rich investor to finish the movie.

Franco's upset that Nina and Kiki continue to argue. He asks Kiki to be nicer. Nina's thrilled when Nathan calls for a get together. Kiki offers to help.

Nathan and Maxie admit that it isn't a social call, but that they need money for the movie. Franco's not happy, but Maxie assures them Nina will share in the profits. Nina's thrilled to be involved.

Nathan accuses Franco of living off of Nina's money, just like Ric. Later when they're alone, and Nina wants bedroom action, Franco turns her down.

Dante and Lulu overhear Alexis call a judge and ask for a court hearing for Julian and question her. Alexis wonders if they knew the truth. Dante says Olivia was only trying to keep Leo safe.

Julian confronts Olivia at the hotel with the DNA results. Olivia accuses him of leading a violent life and refuses to put the baby in that life. Julian insists he wants the baby. Olivia says he has no rights.

Sonny finally agrees to rehab, but when he gets back to his room he tells Morgan he's being discharged. Carly catches them as they are leaving.