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Perkie's Observations: Spinelli Hunts For The Truth on GH

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Nikolas warns Liz that Jake's looking into his past, but promises that he won't find anything. Nik thinks Liz should tell Jake the truth, but she disagrees. Nik tells her to convince Jake to let it go.

Spinelli hacks into the lab records, but finds Jake's file has been deleted. Jake gets angry at their lack of progress and decides he's done trying to find out his identity.

Julian insists that Olivia give him the baby, but she has security threaten to toss him out. Alexis interrupts and tells Julian to let the court handle it.

Sonny insists on leaving the hospital and tries to stand up out of the chair but falls down. Patrick helps him back into the chair and warns that Sonny can hurt himself even more if he does that again.

Carly tells Sonny that he has two choices, fight or give up, but that he's not helpless. Sonny complains that he can't protect his loved ones if he's in the chair. Carly tells him to do his therapy. Sonny admits he can't do it without her.

Lulu and Laura enjoy breakfast together, until Nik arrive. Lulu notices the tension between Nik and his mother. Lulu asks about Liz's wedding, but Laura says she's not going.

Sam wants Spin to continue searching Jake's past. The two decide to hack into the hospital records. Patrick gets home and is not happy with their plans.

Liz confronts Jake, telling him that she knows he went to Nikolas. Jake's still upset that he's reached a dead end. Liz tells him to stop looking and to be a family with her and the boys.

Julian apologizes to Olivia for coming at her. She apologizes for lying about the baby dying. Olivia said she made a decision to protect Leo and that meant keeping Julian away.

Julian swears he's out of the business and will never put the baby in danger. He asks if they can raise the baby together. Olivia allows him to hold the baby.

Sonny apologizes to Michael and Morgan for his temper tantrum. He says he's walking away from the business for awhile, but that Max is in charge. Michael says Max isn't family. Sonny warns both boys to stay away from the business.