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Perkie's Observations: Little Jake Insists "Jake" is His Father on General Hospital

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Anna asks Jordan's permission to see Carlos' body, for closure. Jordan agrees to bend the rules, but finds the body missing. She asks the medical examiner, who says the body was cremated.

Sabrina meets with Paul to get Carlos' body sent back to his parents in Puerto Rico. Paul tells her that it's not possible, because he had the body cremated. Paul claims he tried to reach the family, but couldn't. He went ahead with the cremation.

Michael discusses Carlos with Sonny. He believes the Jeromes are behind his death. Sonny warns Michael again to stay out of the business.

Patrick gives Sam an engagement ring. She shows it to Spinelli when he arrives to continue their investigation. Spin hacks into the hospital computer to try and reverse engineer Jake's face. Spin want to then use facial recognition.

Jordan confronts Paul about interfering in her investigation and destroying evidence. Paul says any information they need is in the autopsy report. Paul swears he wants a good working relationship with her.

Anna asks the medical examiner to see the autopsy report. Anna reads the report and sees that the body was shot twice. She remembers that she shot Carlos four times. Anna realizes that the body is not Carlos'.

Laura's babysitting and is concerned when little Jake and Cameron get into a tussle. Cameron claims it was an accident.

Hospital staff throw Liz a bridal shower. Liz asks Patrick to stand up for her and he agrees.

Jake complains to Carly that he's reached a dead end. He is worried his past will come back and hurt Liz and the boys. Carly assures him to let it go and be the man that he's become. Jake asks Carly to stand up for him and she agrees.

Felix wonders why Sabrina isn't happy about the pregnancy and Michael as the father. He questions whether Carlos could be the father.

Michael finds Sabrina and brings her to Sonny's room to announce to his parents that they're expecting a baby.

Hospital security notice the breach into their computers. Jordan has Spinelli arrested.

When Liz gets home, Laura tells her about the incident with the boys and her concern that little Jake isn't adjusting. Liz assures her that she'll handle things.

Jake is thrilled when little Jake calls him dad, saying he'll be a happy step father. Little Jake insists that Jake is his real father.