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Perkie's Observations: Michael Proposes to Sabrina on General Hospital

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Carly and Sonny are shocked when Michael announces that Sabrina is pregnant. Sonny asks to speak with Michael alone and tells him to marry Sabrina.

Spinelli's taken to the station, where Jordan threatens to throw every book at him. However, Diane spins her magic and gets him released.

Diane questions Sam on why they were looking for information on Jake. She spots the engagement ring. Diane feels that Sam is giving up her adventurous self by marrying Patrick and that might be why she's so eager to help Jake.

Dante and Lulu meet with Dr Kelly Lee who explains that they only have a 16% chance of the embryo being viable. Dante thinks they should reconsider but Lulu is determined to carry a baby.

Little Jake insists that Jake is his real father. Jake leaves so Liz tries to find out what Little Jake overheard.

Liz tells Jake that little Jake is struggling and she will contact Kevin for help.

Carly is upset when Sonny tells her about Michael proposing to Sabrina. She feels that the two don't love each other and don't have the passion to make a marriage work. Carly doesn't want Michael to be a consolation prize and won't let them get married.

Jake meets with Sam and apologizes for yelling at her. Sam reassures him that she and Spinelli will find out the truth. He says he's invested in Liz and the boys but that he'll walk away if they find out anything bad.

Michael proposes to Sabrina, who says no.