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Perkie's Observations: Paul Confronts Anna on General Hospital

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Sabrina doesn't feel that she and Michael have been together long enough, or know each other well enough to get married, just because of the pregnancy. Michael agrees to take the time to get to know each other better.

Monica is thrilled to hear that Sabrina is pregnant. Tracy asks about a wedding. She wonders if Michael's involvement with Sonny's organization is scaring Sabrina. Monica defends Michael. She asks Sabrina when she's due, which makes her uncomfortable.

Nik is upset with Sam for breaking into Wyndemere and warns that he can have her arrested. Sam says Jake has backed off finding out his identity.

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Hayden wants Nikolas to take her to Liz's wedding and Nik agrees.

Olivia asks Lante to be Leo's godparents. Lucas and Sam are introduced to baby Leo. Alexis explains that Julian and Olivia have decided to share custody.

Maxie wants Dillon to tell her his secret in exchange for Nina's money. Dillon promises that he will, but shows her a clip of the movie first.

Maxie tells Lulu that there is a secret. Dante sees Dillon looking at a photo of Lulu and confronts him. Dillon gets angry and decides to tell Lulu the secret.

Paul pays Anna a visit to ask why she's been snooping around the morgue. Anna says she's trying to find closure. Paul accuses her of interfering in his investigation. Anna admits that she knows the body wasn't Carlos'.