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Perkie's Observations: Can Paul Get Avery For Ava on General Hospital?

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Dillon's upset that he and Lulu won't be friends again. Valerie talks to Lulu and asks her to forgive Dillon. Lulu tells Dillon that she doesn't want to lose their friendship. She warns him to back off Dante.

Dante confides in Sonny about the one night stand (ONS) and how Dillon knows. Sonny tells him to come clean to Lulu. Dante worries that he'll lose her, but Sonny convinces him. Dante agrees to tell Lulu the truth after the Halloween party.

Maxie visits with Spinelli. As she's leaving she accidentally spills a drink on Spin's keyboard. Spin and Sam worry that they've lost all the data. However, after cleaning things up, the computer works.

Tracy stops by the gallery to get a painting for Paul, but gets into it with Ava about Avery's custody. Tracy decides she can't do business with Ava.

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Paul pays Ava a visit as she's getting a text saying that Kiki won't testify for her. Ava cries that she'll lose both her daughters. Paul hugs her then kisses her and says he'll fix things for her.

Liz asks Jake if he's willing to adopt Cameron and little Jake after they're married and he agrees. She tells the boys the good news.

At the party, Maxie's campaigning for funds and asks Tracy for a contribution. Tracy wants a producer credit and a say in the final cut.

Jake gets an anonymous text that reads: "we're coming for you".

Dillon's assistant Andy sees the video footage of Valerie admitting to the ONS. He leaves the laptop open on that scene. Lulu spots it and is curious what it's about.