Perkie's Observations: Dante and Valerie Face the Wrath of Lulu's Inferno on General Hospital

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Carly sees the computer program change from Jake's face to Jason and is stunned.

Dillon eventually turns off the monitor, but Lulu's seen enough to demand he turn it back on. The entire room sees Valerie admit to sleeping with Dante. Lulu accuses Valerie of lying, since she has feelings for Dante.

Lulu begs Dante to say that he wouldn't cheat, but Dante admits that it happened. Lulu demands to know how long they've been cheating. Dante tells her that it was only the one night.

Lulu demands to know which night. She gets upset when she learns it happened in their bed. Valerie tells her that it happened because Lulu and Dillon were in BC. Dante begs Lulu to talk to him but she storms off.

Patrick wonders if Liz is getting cold feet. She swears she's never been happier and wants to marry Jake. She feels she deserves to be happy after all this time.

Hayden runs into Sam and Jake, who are not happy to hear that she's going to the wedding with Nikolas. Jake feels that it isn't appropriate and that she's not welcome.

Hayden just wants to have fun at a wedding and says she admires Jake for reinventing himself. Jake warns her not to upset Liz.

Olivia pays Sonny a visit to tell him about Leo and apologizes for keeping Dante away all those years. Sonny says he understands that she was protecting their son. Olivia lauds the praises of Dante, but Sonny tells her not to put him on a pedestal.

Carly gets flustered when she runs into Jake at the hospital and runs off. She calls a doctor friend and asks for a quickie DNA test.

Carly goes back to Jake and insist that they talk before the wedding than hands him a bottle of water. After Jake drinks it and leaves, Carly takes the bottle for a DNA sample.

Valerie's upset with Andy for showing the footage, but then suspects Dillon who begins to look guilty.

Maxie gets angry with Nathan when she realizes that he knew the truth.

Dante catches up with Lulu but she slaps him.