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Perkie's Observations: Dillon Fesses Up on General Hospital

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Dante wants to work through this and be a family, but Lulu's angry. She says things are over between them. Dante swears he'll do anything to make things right. He says it was the worst decision he ever made and regrets it.

Lulu taunts him and says she hopes Valerie was better than she is. She hopes she was worth it. Dante says he was in pain and thought he was losing her. Dante mentions the trip with Dillon, but Lulu is quick to tell him not to blame her because he made up a reason to cheat.

Valarie accuses Dillon of deliberately showing the video. Dillon feels Lulu needed to know the truth, but doesn't take ownership. Valerie points out that he humiliated Lulu in public and insists he own up. Dillon admits that he did it.

Dillon feels they both wanted the Lante marriage to implode, but Valerie denies it. He feels Lulu deserves someone who loves her. Valerie feels Lulu will hate him for what he's done.

Maxie's upset when Nathan tells her that he's known the truth almost since the beginning. She accuses him of not trusting her. Nathan says she would have told Lulu. Maxie claims she would have worked with Nathan to help Dante come clean. Maxie accuses Nathan of choosing Dante over her and is upset at Lulu's pain.

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Carly takes the bottle to her doctor friend, to find out if the sample will match Jason. The doctor asks about a sample from Jason. Carly says he should be in the criminal database. The doctor returns with the results, that Jake is Jason.

Kiki's not happy to figure out that Morgan and Darby had sex. Morgan points out that they're over and that Kiki pushed him away. Kiki accuses him of breaking her heart and that she never stopped caring about him. Morgan doesn't want Kiki to drive since she's drunk, but she heads out anyway.

Jake and Liz head over to the bridge. Liz admits her worries to him. She's afraid to lose him and lose her happy ending. Jake reassures her. The two kiss and he has a flash. Jake says he might be remembering something and wants to kiss again.

Jake thinks that he's been to the bridge with Liz. She says they've never been there together. Jake gets frustrated, because he keeps getting flashes but nothing comes of them.

Maxie finds Lulu on the docks and takes her away from Dante.

Carly heads out to find Jake but a drunk Kiki drives her off the road.