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Perkie's Observations: Kiki Doesn't Remember Halloween Night on General Hospital

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Sabrina, Felix and Epiphany arrive to get Liz ready for her wedding.

Valerie stops by the apartment to see Lulu, but finds Dante. She tells him that Dillon showed the clip on purpose. Dante blames himself for everything. Valerie worries she'll be kicked out of the academy once the news is out.

Lulu tells Olivia that Dante cheated and their marriage is over. Olivia warns her not to overreact and to think things through.

Kiki wakes up at home, hung over with Morgan by her side. He tells her that he went after her and found her passed out in the car on the way home. Kiki has no memory of the night before.

Morgan tells her she put other people in danger and that she has people who care about her.

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Carly wakes up in the car and tries to free herself to reach her phone.

Sonny asks Michael about his marriage proposal. Michael tells him that Sabrina turned him down so they can get to know each other better. Sonny wonders if it's because of his reputation, but Michael denies that.

Jake gets Carly's message that she needs to see him before the wedding and heads out to find her. Carly manages to extract herself from the car and calls Jake.

Franco gets upset when he sees someone damaged his car. Kiki begs Morgan not to tell Franco the truth.

Olivia updates Sonny then gets angry when he tells her that he knew and told Dante to tell Lulu the truth. Olivia feels this is one of those times where it was best to keep things secret.

Lulu gets home and is upset to see Valerie talking to Dante. Valerie feels Lulu set things in motion when she lied to Dante and needs to acknowledge her part.

Lulu packs her bags and leaves.