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Perkie's Observations: Ava and Sonny Go to Court on General Hospital

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Liz and her ladies in waiting have their moment. She tells them that she's grateful they are all in her life.

Jake tries to get through to Carly, but she drops her phone than knocks herself out on a rock. Jake gets worried about Carly, despite Sam's reassurances. Sam finds out where Carly's last cell call came from. Jake heads out to find her.

Laura complains to Nikolas about Liz marrying Jake without telling him the truth. Laura wants to pay Liz a visit. Nik reminds her that she promised not to tell the truth.

Scotty stops Ava from booking a flight out of the country. He reminds her that she would be charged with kidnapping. Scotty wants her to try and cut a deal with Sonny to co-parent. Ava swears she won't negotiate.

Sonny and Ric discuss the custody case. Sonny wonders what Ava will use against him. Ric calls a judge and has the trial moved up to this afternoon.

Scotty gets the call that the trial has been moved up. Ava confronts Sonny. They argue about which of them is more fit to raise Avery.

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Sonny says Avery will be his and she'll call Carly, Mommy. Ava attacks him and has to be pulled off. Scott arrives and drags Ava away. Ava complains that he's not good enough to go up against Sonny.

Nik and Hayden have the exact same conversation about secrets and trusting each other. I really want this storyline to move along already.

Laura pays Liz a visit to try and convince her to stop the wedding and tell Jake the truth. Liz feels Jake would leave and she'd be alone again. Laura tells her to trust her connection to Jake and to tell him the truth before someone else does.

At the church Liz and Patrick share a nice moment then heads off to get dressed. Sam's not happy to see Hayden and snarks at Nik for bringing her.

Laura calls Nikolas and tells him to talk sense into Liz, but he feels Liz is doing the right thing.

Liz is not happy when Hayden stops in to see her. Hayden claims she wouldn't miss this wedding for anything.

Jake finds Carly on the side of the road. She calls him Jason.