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Perkie's Observations: Jason FINALLY Finds Out on General Hospital

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Sonny wonders why he hasn't heard from Carly. He leaves her a message about the custody hearing then calls Michael. Michael agrees to go to the hearing.

Jake thinks Carly's confused when she calls him Jason. Carly says she has proof of his identity. Carly shows him Spinelli's computer program and the DNA results, but Jake refuses to believe it.

Jake is certain that he isn't Jason because he doesn't remember anything. Carly thinks maybe Jake likes the life he's living and is scared to believe.

Jake begins to believe even though he still doesn't have his memories. Carly tells him that he can't marry Liz because he's still married to Sam.

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Kevin wants to refer Anna to a different doctor. Anna doesn't like it, but ultimately agrees. Anna explains her situation to Dr. Maddox. He believes that she isn't telling the full truth.

Ava gives Paul a painting in exchange for help with the custody. Paul doesn't want to get involved. After Ava gets angry, Paul agrees to give her something to help fight Sonny. The two kiss

Nik finds Hayden talking to Liz. Liz thanks Nikolas for giving her the time with Jason. The two discuss Emily and what she would have wanted for Liz.

The boys come and get their mother to get married, but Patrick tells Liz that Jake and Carly haven't arrived yet. Liz feels that something is wrong.

Jake and Carly make a dramatic entrance.