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Perkie's Observations: Jason Attacks Nikolas on General Hospital

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Jake announces that he's Jason. Carly shows everyone the computer image and the DNA test. Sam refuses to believe it at first, but works it out and asks if he remembers their life together.

Jason says he has no more memories than he had before and that he only sees Sam as his friend. Jason gets angry that his life was kept from him and grabs Nikolas.

Nikolas denies any knowledge and blames it all on Helena. Liz tries desperately to convince Jason that nothing has to change. Jason storms off.

Anna questions Paul's motives and accuses him of blackmail. Anna decides to confess. Paul reminds her of Emma. Anna claims her confession would implicate Paul. Anna warns Paul away from Emma.

Paul feels Carlos' death was justified and that he would have done the same. Anna admits that she's racked with guilt. Paul feels Emma needs Anna. Paul says he wants to work with her. He says he wants to hire her as his investigator

Ava antagonizes the Corinthos men at the courthouse. Julian questions whether Ava can co-parent with Sonny, but she refuses.

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The judge asks to hear from the children. Ric calls Morgan to the stand as Kiki arrives. Morgan paints a pretty picture of life with Sonny. He feels Carly would make a better mother than Ava.

On the stand, Scott tries to get Michael to testify that Sonny is a danger to Avery. Scotty asks about Michael's name change, but Michael spins things to make Sonny look good.

Scotty mentions to the court how Dante was shot. Ric counters that Dante and Kristina have signed affidavits on behalf of Sonny.

Kiki gets on the stand and testifies against Ava and paints a pretty bad picture of her mother. Kiki gives Sonny praise.

Ava tries to get a rise out of Sonny about his injury. Carly arrives in time to hear Sonny warn Ava that he can still kill her.

Hayden tells Nikolas that she knows he and Liz have known Jason's identity for months.

Liz finds Jason on the bridge and apologizes