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Face of General Hospital, Nathan Varni Goes In Depth on Jason Reveal

Laura Wright, Billy Miller

Laura Wright, Billy Miller

Did General Hospital take too long in revealing Jake (Billy Miller) was really Jason? ABC Current Series Executive Nathan Varni thinks so. Varni took time out of his busy schedule of supervising television programs, tweeting and discussing GH on Facebook, to give another interview, this time with Party Wills Online.  Varni remarked:

Once Shelly [Altman] & Jean [Passanante] joined the show as our new head writers, their ability to hone in on what was working and what wasn’t working was and is important for the future of this story. I did love Ron’s [Carlivati] idea that since we were recasting the role, the idea of the accident and giving Jason a new face and taking away his memories was intriguing and helped us get back into telling a Jason story. I also think it was very interesting to see Liz [Rebecca Herbst] fall in love with “Jake” not Jason, they had a connection (not knowing their past). I think all of that was interesting to see unfold. Unfortunately where we misfired was dragging the story out way too long and we as a collective team are all responsible for letting it drag on too long. But our current writers have a clear vision and journey for the story which I think has really jumped the story in the past month and even re-energized the actors on set. Shelly and Jean’s take on the upcoming story is one that I find interesting and will really push the actors to bring their “A” game to their roles. 

This guy makes all those previous GH execs, who didn't give multiple interviews to fan blogs and podcasts, seem like slackers by comparison. Now that Jason is back with his loved ones and Jason Thompson has quit the series, what does this mean for Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Patrick's  love affair? Varni revealed:

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There are no plans to have a new Patrick Drake but as I’m sure our audiences knows we need to beef up our GH doctor staff but that is long term and we are still in the planning stages for that as we discuss 2016 episodes. When Jean & Shelly started they said they would love to tell more hospital stories and I completely agree with their desire to do that and hoping we can build many hospital stories in 2016 and beyond.