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Perkie's Observations: Robin's Back on General Hospital

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Sam begs Jason to remember their connection. He says he doesn't and is in love with Elizabeth. Sam is certain that she's still in his heart because he couldn't kill her on Helena's orders.

Sam shows him his wedding ring. Jason has a flash and the two kiss. Jason says he doesn't' remember and that he loves Liz. He wants to find out who did this to him. Sam offers to help but he feels he needs to do this on his own.

Paul doesn't want Anna to investigate Sonny's shooting and tells her to drop the case. Anna wonders if he's protecting Ava.

Tracy's surprised to hear that Anna works for Paul and warns him about her. Talk turns to Jason. While Tracy is happy for Monica, she tells Paul that Jason has a talent for mayhem and will be a challenge.

Nikolas and Liz update Laura about Jason. Hayden admits that she was pretending not to remember. Laura wonders what Hayden wants in exchange for her silence. Hayden claims she and Nik have an agreement.

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Hayden needles Liz about Jason, but Liz claims he loves her and not Sam. Hayden is certain that Sam will help Jason remember. Liz says Sam is with Patrick. Laura points out that Jason will find out the truth eventually.

Patrick calls Robin and tells her that Jason is alive. Robin tries to tell him the truth, but one of her captors grabs the phone from her. Robin knocks him out and gets her phone back.

Patrick complains to Anna about Robin's evasiveness. Anna thinks Robin is still dealing with PTSD and that's why she's distancing herself from her family.

Robin calls Patrick back and starts to tell the truth about Jason, but another minion stops her again. Robin is warned that there are consequences and is shown a video of someone going after Emma.

Anna tells Paul that she'll back off Sonny's shooting.

Hayden and Tracy meet.

Jason shows up at Wyndemere.