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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Rescues Emma on General Hospital

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Sam tells Patrick about the kiss with Jason and admits she was hoping his memories would come back. Patrick wonders if she wants a future with Jason, because he needs to protect himself and Emma.

Jason confronts Nikolas, who continues to claim that he knew nothing. Nikolas insists Helena was behind everything. Jason threatens to take his ELQ stock back and to ruin Nik financially. Jason wants to speak with Helena, but Nik says she's dying and frail.

Tracy's upset with Hayden for the lack of movement in getting ELQ back. Hayden promises she'll get Nik where they want him.

Robin watches helplessly as the woman tries to get Emma to go with her in the park. Emma smartly fights back and yells for help. Tracy hears and comes to her defense. Robin tells her captor that Jason is alive and will come looking for her.

Sonny's angry with Carly for trying to make the house more accessible to his needs. Carly storms out, but has a talk with Lucas who tells her not to let Sonny bully her.

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Morgan wants to help Sonny by playing Ava and feeding her information to Sonny. Sonny warns him again to stay out of the business and away from Ava. Sonny tells Max to follow Ava, but that he's the one who will take her out.

Paul wants Ava to get back to work. She reminds him that she still has to be Avery's mother. Morgan arrives, so Paul hides. Morgan asks if she's really taken over for Julian. He says it could be dangerous for Avery. Ava claims she's only a gallery owner and knows Morgan is only getting information for Sonny. She kicks him out.

Tracy calls Patrick to come and get Emma. Emma worries that Sam and Danny will go away now that Jason is back. Patrick reassures her but admits he doesn't know what will happen.

Liz pays Sam a visit to tell her to back of Jason. Sam accuses her of marking her territory. Liz counters that Sam is still engaged to Patrick. Sam says Jason will remember.

Carly confronts Sonny about their fight. She reminds him that he needs to put in the time and hard work. Sonny claims they only got married to fight Ava and they lost so why bother being married.

Jason drives out of town,.